The Canopy Project

Layer of Thai Contemporary Art World

Take a walk into the history of Thai contemporary art through group exhibitions from 1970 - 2022

Last updated: October 2022

The Canopy Project

Presents data of group exhibitions of Thai contemporary art, featuring Thai artists and curators from both Thailand and abroad. It draws on a research database of Thai contemporary art exhibitions from 1974 to 2022. The website consists of 857 group exhibitions which reflect the dynamics of Thai contemporary art over time.

This research was conducted as part of a study on the relationship between contemporary art development and social participation in Southeast Asia from the late 1970s to the early 2000s by the Southeast Asian Art and Society Research Project Series for celebrating the 250th anniversary of Rattanakosin.

Group Exhibition

This refers to group exhibitions of contemporary art or exhibitions involving more than 2 artists, including art festivals organised regularly. Group exhibitions are significant as the space that reflects the relationships between contemporary art and society, politics, economy, culture, and the environment.

The symbolism of "Canopy"

Canopy is the main structure of a tropical forest as it is the top layer with a high density of trees, helping it to retain humidity while allowing sunlight to penetrate to nourish the flora and fauna below. It can be compared to the Thai contemporary art world, particularly in group exhibitions, which involve various actors, including artists, curators, art spaces, organisers, and sponsors, all of whom interact within the interrelated and interdependent environment.

Explore The Canopy Project

Forest floor (Timeline and Art Space)

Explore the database of Thai contemporary art group exhibitions through art spaces and timeline


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Canopy Layer (Directory)

Explore the people involved in the group exhibitions such as art spaces, artists, curators, organizers, sponsors, and context through keywords.


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Understory Layer (Analysis)

Understanding the Thai art world through the analysis of group exhibition data


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The Canopy Project Overview

Type of Group Exhibitions in The Canopy Project

The contemporary art group exhibitions are divided into 2 types: contemporary art group exhibitions and contemporary art festivals, classified by exhibition's objectives, time frame, and space.
Contemporary Art Group Exhibition

Contemporary art group exhibition is an art exhibition with 2 or more artists participating in the art exhibition and is held in an art space.

Contemporary Art Festival

Contemporary art festival is often exhibited in many art spaces and organises a variety of art activities of artists around the world. There are 3 main types of contemporary art festivals:

1. Biennale - an art festival held every 2 years

2. Triennale - an art festival held every 3 years

3. Documenta - an art festival held every 5 years

Type of Group exhibitions

The Canopy Project selected 857 contemporary art group exhibitions from 1974-2022 and categorised group exhibitions of Thai contemporary art world into 4 types
Contemporary Art Group Exhibition
Group exhibition in Thailand
Group exhibition outside of Thailand

Contemporary Art Festival
Art festival in Thailand
Art festival outside of Thailand

Example of group exhibiton in Thailand

3 Women Artists 1984, Bangkok

Example of group exhibiton outside of Thailand

Under Construction: New Dimensions of Asian Art, Japan, 2023

Example of art festival in Thailand


Example of art festival outside of Thailand

Busan Biennale in 2008, South Korea

Forest floor (Timeline and Art Space)

The Forest floor displays an explorable group of exhibition databases within the timeline and art space view.

Explore by timeline

The Forest floor is also explorable as the customisable timeline. Divided into annual and decade sections, it provides insights about group exhibitions, related events, and keywords mentioned in each timeframe. Sample period: 1993

Explore by art space

Moreover, the Forest floor also provides an art space exploration tab by name. You can explore by sorting the exhibitions numerically or alphabetically. Sample art space: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

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